Wistaria hits the road.

SOAK 2014 Performance Jeremy Goren, June 7 + 8, 2014, Photos by Raul - 47

Having finished showing a wild, new segment of Wistaria as part of LEIMAY-CAVE’s SOAK Festival in Brooklyn this month — we are looking forward to our journey to Washington, D.C. where we will perform as part of the Capital Fringe Festival at Hillyer Art Space on July 18th and 19th and, independently, in a few private homes. It will be filled with adventures, as we hold patriotic myths to the fire — and make new friends — in our nation’s capital.  Now, just like the traveling tent theaters of the 19th century, the only thing left is for us to form a baseball team. We’d love to have you join us, so get your tickets here.

We also find ourselves in the process of raising the few funds we need to get down there and make these performances happen. Because part of our overall endeavor is to question and negotiate the centrality of money in our art and our society, we’re looking to raise quite a small amount of funds. Just enough to keep us able to bring Wistaria to people outside of the enclave of NYC. So, please check out our Rockethub page and consider joining the adventure by dropping some (deviled) eggs in our basket.



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