a new work by Wistaria Project…

— a realm of lost birds, a tree that got cut down, and Ronald’s horse who went awry.


a devised stage performance that emerges from a collage of ancient sacred texts, modern academic writing, “found” popular elements, and original material, exploding the mythology of myths, dominant traditions’ suppression of elemental (often woman-centered) streams, U.S. living-history exhibitions, and contemporary gender/power dynamics.
   Developed through the LEIMAY Fellowship, Mosh-Pit Daisies will appear as part of Feast Your Famine: a watch-and-play, a festival-like performance work involving artists and activists, which has been selected for a Performing Artist Residency at The Center at West Park (Manhattan) and will happen during the week of November 13-17, 2019.

collaborating artists: Jenna Kirk, Jeremy Goren, Kay Soricelli and Sarah Bitar