Feast Your Famine: a watch-and-play

​an interactive five-night performance-and-social-action hybrid event, re-envisioning the legacy of the “hero” in Western culture from medieval knights to today and seeking to practice new realities in community. {visit the project’s website.}

The Center at West Park (NY, NY) November 13-17, 2019

With possibilities for multi-day game play or a single night’s experience, audiences can join a diverse body of artists and activists in a journey of boundary crossing, soul-troubling, and action through both avant garde and traditional performances and social-action events — set inside the framework of a re-imagined medieval feast. 
The event was a result of Wistaria Project’s Re-Residency, in which we re-gift the CWP Residency we received to an exciting diversity of performers and activists. Each Re-Resident presented their work on one night of the festival — and the Re-Resident Cohort has worked together to devise First Night and Last Night — the opening and closing of the feast — interactive, hybrid performance/events to bring us together to engage, celebrate, and take action.
Collaborating Artists and Activists: Adreyanua Jean-Louis, Ms Aza MetricDhira Rauch, Dominicans Love Haitians MovementEric Farber, The Space between the Letters a public workshop, Heather Lanza/Waterwell Drama Program, Hee Ran Lee, Jace Valentine/IntegrateNYC with Teens Take ChargeJacqueline Wade/Women of Color Productions Inc.,Joshua PlattKelsey Pyro, Kevin Green/Black Revolutionary Theatre Members WorkshopLiz Moyer/We heal for all, Luca Martinelli, Monica Carrillo, Nadege Alexis/Regiven Environmental Project, The Next Chapter: Student Voices Against Gun Violence, Timothy Edward Craig, Wistaria Project, Yasmine Lancasterand Zafi Dimitropoulou/People’s Theatre Project.