Mosh-Pit Daisies (2019)

Devised through the LEIMAY Fellowship. Conceived by: Jeremy Goren and Jenna Kirk. Performed by: Sarah Bitar, Jeremy Goren, Jenna Kirk, Kay Soricelli, and Adreyauna Jean-Louis. Directed by Jeremy Goren. Performed at The Center at West Park (NY, NY) as part of Feast Your Famine: a watch-and-play – November 16, 2019

We’re at a temple ritual with mysterious song and strange actions and incantations… Then, wait- Somewhere in the Heartland, in a local living-history museum, four people are performing something. Or creating it. Or mangling it. Management tells them what to do. They sort of sometimes go along with it. They seem unconcerned about anything beyond the walls of their little theater. They don’t care lives hang in the balance… Then, wait- We’re at a temple ritual with mysterious song and strange actions and incantations…

A ~100-minute stage piece for five performers, 2D-video backdrops, some musical instruments, and a rotating, bronze chair-tree, Mosh-Pit Daisies layers narratives on top of anti-narratives, interrupting realities, engaging questions of ancient matriarchal powers, modern patriarchy, myth-making, memory-making, and history-making. It swings through vastly different performance and narrative styles, inviting spectators into a mysterious fray to question together how we make (up) the stories we believe about ourselves and our societies. Especially this one here and now in the USA… entangled as it is in a new stage of struggle over history and memory and, ultimately, truth. Mosh-Pit Daisies was devised through two LEIMAY Fellowships, by Jeremy Goren and Jenna Kirk and directed by Goren, to engage these dynamics through a hallucinatory stage presentation.